Please let me know if any of these links does not satisfy your expectations. Or if you have other suggestions.

These are just some of Random Factor Y’s personal favourites.


¥    Everything we think is ‘normal’ is just a Consensus Trance, according to psychologist Charles Tart and many other smart people. Waking up may be crucial for survival. So get a life. Click HERE, NOW

¥    To know more about alchemy, first answer this riddle. Then proceed.

¥    Just an interesting average everyday human being: John Todd, maker of ‘living machines’ that help recycle waste.

¥    Utopia on a tropical island, combining the best of Western science and Eastern wisdom: Island’ by Aldous Huxley is by far my favourite utopian novel. Some excerpts are to be found here.

¥    Seen every block buster movie? Bored as ever? Want to be ahead of the crowd? Maybe you should switch to weirder stuff. Like this mixture of magic and science:



¥    And of course, my guru in Wonderland: RAW.  (But please do not believe more than 23% of what he says!).